Deer Hunting: Special Antlerless Season 2012

Special Antlerless Deer Seasons

2011 antlerless management units coming soon

Firearm antlerless deer hunts will take place in some Lower Peninsula DMUs on the following dates:

Refer to the 2012 Early and Late Season Firearm Map on the right for the DMUs included in the early and late antlerless deer seasons. Hunters must possess a private-land antlerless deer license issued for the DMU upon which they are hunting, or a Deer Management Assistance (DMA) permit valid for that DMU for the early and late antlerless seasons.

Firearm, combination, archery and junior archery deer licenses are not valid for any of the above seasons. All hunters are required to wear hunter orange and must have permission from the landowner or leaseholder before hunting on private land. The telephone number of the private landowner is required to acquire a private-land antlerless deer license.

Early firearm antlerless season

Late firearm antlerless season