Get Involved: Deer Advisory Teams

Deer Advisory Teams

BACKGROUND: With the adoption of the Michigan Deer Management Plan on May 6, 2010, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) committed to establishing a Deer Advisory Team (DAT) for each ecologically-based region of Michigan. Each DAT will correspond to the boundaries of the DNR hunting and trapping zones, with Zone 1 being the Upper Peninsula (UP), Zone 2 the Northern Lower Peninsula (NLP), and Zone 3 the Southern Lower Peninsula (SLP). Each RDAT will be composed of members with a direct connection to issues in the corresponding region, either as private individuals affected by deer hunting and management or representatives of organizations with members or constituents in the region. Topics for potential recommendations will be coordinated among the UP, NLP, and SLP so that deer program areas are comprehensively reviewed. Recommendations provided by each DAT may differ when the need for regionally distinct approaches to management are warranted.